Friday, October 14, 2011

School Board Update

Dear Friends,

I hope you're enjoying the fall weather and that the school year is going well for all of you. Here are some updates on School Board issues.

This Weekend! Education Summit on Customizing Public Education:
Come join the conversation about how to move to the next level of Customizing Public Education to suit your child's needs.
Time: 8 am - noon
Date: Sat., Oct. 15
Place: Woodson High School

Educators, parents and students join a panel on this subject. Breakout sessions will explore:
  • How to help students keep balance in their lives
  • Helping your student find his/her passion and gaining marketable skills
  • Student goal-setting and learning plans
For more details and to register (we'd like to hear from you, but still feel free to attend if you haven't registered): 
Surveillance Cameras in High Schools: Thanks to all of you who responded to my request for your comments on surveillance cameras.  All of the high schools are having dialogues with parents about this issue. I've attended two of them (at Falls Church HS and Thomas Jefferson HSST) to hear directly from parents, students and teachers. Annandale HS will have its dialogue at 6:30 pm on Tues., Oct. 18, and Stuart HS will hold a meeting on the subject at 7 pm, Monday, Oct. 24.  For my previous report on the issue, please go to my web site at  
After we finish getting public input, which several of us on the Board felt was critical before considering this further, I will report back to you on how the School Board plans to proceed.

"Lacey" Principal Selection:  FCPS has started the process for choosing a principal for our wonderful new elementary school at the Lacey Center site by asking for parent and other community input on what type of principal will be the best match for this school.  Parent and staff perspectives are used to screen resumes and develop interview questions. What skills, experiences, and leadership characteristics are needed at the new school? What are key challenges and issues? To give your input, please write to   
The deadline for comments is Oct. 12.

The principal panel, consisting of parents and staff from the four schools where incoming students are attending now (Annandale Terrace, Woodburn, Beech Tree and Belvedere), will meet on Nov. 1. The principal will be announced two or three weeks later.

After the principal is in place, we will start the process of choosing the name for the new school.

In the meantime, some parents are already starting to organize a PTA. If your students will be attending the new school and you'd like to participate in the PTA, please contact Monica Buckhorn at

Ad Hoc Boundary Process: If you were part of the Annandale Regional Study and have ideas on how the process could be improved the next time we go through a boundary study, please email me with your comments (  

As the new chair of the Comprehensive Planning and Development Committee, I'll be asking for review of what worked well and what we can do better. I have ideas of my own, but want yours too!

High school students and parents:  
Have a wonderful Homecoming Week!

All the best,